KAJURU CASTLE: 3 Dragons, 2 Knights & 1 Queen!

The sheer joy from an epic adventure!

The day I had waited for finally came on the 24th of September, 2016 as I had the awesome privilege of touring & exploring the famous Kajuru Castle & its environs with some of the “awesomest” people ever. It was a fun experience and it began with the train ride from the Kubwa station to the Rijana station (Trains again…hehehe…See 1st post here: Train Rock & Roll).

A bus ride to Kajuru followed quickly and that was the beginning of an adventure as the “Castle Witch” welcomed us with open arms at the castle gate.

The anticipation to explore the castle was on overdrive and we didn’t even wait to listen to a brief history of the castle as we briskly started taking in the sights of the castle. We later settled down to have lunch and we listened to the history of the castle. Did you know that the castle was built in 1978 by a controversial German engineer (Nobody knows his name); the funny thing is that this castle has been in Kajuru Local Government for ages and some people that work in that local government secretariat don’t even know it exists…the irony!

Once the brief history of the castle was done, tourists broke off into various groups with some diving into the breath-taking swimming pool, others playing cards and I joined the hiking group whose sole mission was to conquer the hill adjacent to the castle.

The hike up the mountain was pretty easy (Yes! #TeamFitFam) and the hill provided a breath-taking view of the castle & its environs.

There was a networking session and I personally met someone who is a major player in a certain industry I am gaining grounds in (Talk about valuable connections being made on tour). Group dance sessions followed and I also played cards and I won a set (9 rounds of elimination *insert stand up for the champion*).

These are my top 3 recommendations for things you should do when you go to Kajuru Castle:

  1. Hike up that hill – It provides an absolutely breath-taking view and you get to tick it off your “adventure” bucket list.
  2. Dive into that gorgeous pool – Unfortunately I didn’t because I haven’t started my swimming lessons yet but you should absolutely enjoy the thrill of that pool
  3. Rescue the damsel in distress – You will understand when you get there… #AskTheCastleWitch

All in all, it was an experience I want to relive all over again and it was an emotional moment when it was time to leave. I look forward to a full weekend at the Castle!

Time to say goodbye…sobs

P.S: The tour was done by a fantastic travel company that specializes in epic adventures called Sehembz Travels. You should check them out on Social Media (Facebook: @sehembztravels IG: @sehembztravels).

Photos were supplied by @jahplusimages & @emmyspark (These dudes can take photos for Africa & 3 other continents).

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  1. Yes, amazing read! Very descriptive & interesting. I look forward to doing the 3rd point on your 3 recommendations for things you should do when you go to Kajuru Castle. Plus, I love the font on this page and how the pictures and captions are displayed. Very nice!!!

    1. Whoop! Thank you Oluwapelumi. I am glad you loved the post and I can’t wait to hear your feedback when you try recommendation 3…Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to serving up more awesome content!

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