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You know how you anticipate something for a long time and just can’t wait for it to happen. That was how I felt all week waiting for Saturday. Why was I “hoping” for Saturday? It was another fantastic opportunity to go hiking and the perfect getaway after a loooooooong work week (Yes, it was that long).

That awesome feeling when you get to the summit of the hike. P.S: That is Anne catching her breath?.


Hiking is so calming and challenging at the same time. There is so much peace and quiet at the top and when you hike with awesome people such as Strides NG, it is even more amazing and nature has this way of soothing all fraying nerves.

Strides Family. ?: @StridesNG

The choice of location this time were the hills behind CGC opposite Jahi in Abuja, Nigeria. This was quite an adventurous one and people were panting just minutes into the hike due to the upward trajectory of the climb.

The hike provided some of the most beautiful & inspiring views of the city which you can see in the images below and we spotted a lot of key buildings and features that dot the Abuja landscape such as the National Stadium, NNPC Towers, Jabi Lake etc from our view point at the summit of the hills.

Our view at the summit of Dawka Rock.
Dawka Rock!
Views from the other side.

As usual, there were a lot of games, yoga sessions and exploration of the areas surrounding the hills. We even came across a boys scout group who were hiking too. Moral was very high as they trugged on (NYSC joke).

Ma su cha cha (Hausa slang for card players)
Yoga in the clouds


I was among the last persons to descend the hills and this afforded me the opportunity to capture & learn about some landscapes we had missed on our way up. These gulleys (I actually had to Google to get the name right…blame it on missed agriculture lessons) as you would see in the images were so high, we actually jumped in and walked all the way down.

The Explorers! (Sounds like a cool movie title)
Beautiful Gulleys (I know they are caused by erosion but still beautiful nonetheless).

Interesting landscape formations.


You know what hiking has taught me? To stretch out of my comfort zone and do something outside my regular routine and I would advise you do something every now and again that frees up your mind. It may be a long walk, hiking, meditation…whatever works for you. Inner peace will always translate to better productivity! Till another adventure comes your way, Journeyman signing out. Namaste!

How i feel after every successful hike. P.S: That is Bumni, the flying Ninja.

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