Travel Seychelles: Honey on a Seychellois Moon – 2

Hello good people of Journeyville, welcome to the concluding part of our Paradise adventures in Seychelles. If you missed the first part, you can catch up here. We begin at one of the most exotic spots in Seychelles. Let’s ride on.

Eden Island

An artificial island on an island. Yup, you heard that right. That is the beauty called Eden Island. It is the exclusive preserve of the rich and mighty in Seychelles with apartments starting from 300,000USD Do not try to convert this to Naira. Arabian Sheikhs, Russian Oligarchs and European Lords all have houses here. This artificial island is home to a collection of some of the finest boats and Catamarans (Large boats that combine speed, dynamism and the greatest level of comfort to create a unique sailing experience).

Boats & Catamarans

The best ice-cream on the island also lives here. I almost ate the cup after having this ice-cream. The ice-cream shop owner said her grandmother taught how to make ice-cream and her recipes are signature ones. Well, I believe her, because that ice-cream was nothing like I have ever tasted. We ended the day with a drive down to Beau Vallon, one of the popular beaches in Mahe. We watched a beautiful sunset and also booked a one-day Marine life experience for the next day. I could barely sleep. I was excited.

A taste of Heaven

Snorkeling in the Deep Blue Sea

I was up bright & early. Wifey wasn’t in the mood, so I was all alone for this one. Our rendezvous point was Eden Island. We had a brief from the captain of the ship for the day and off, we went. Our first stop was the Sainte Anne Marine Park, where we got to feed fishes with bread. It was so cool, tossing bread at fish and watching them eat up each morsel. This was also a perfect spot for some snorkeling.

Utako Aquaman

Now, like I mentioned earlier, local man cannot swim. This hasn’t deterred me from getting into water. I put on my life jacket, breather and splash. I jumped into the deep blue sea. Bruh, my leg was so far from the bottom. I was like egbami!!! If something happens to me now, they will say it is village people. Well, I survived with my life jacket and hanging on to a tube. It was so funny. I even relaxed a bit and made this video. I was so relieved to get back into the boat.

Tortoise Island

Our sea exhibition continued on the little islands surrounding the marine park. This is where I did one of the coolest things in my life: I walked on (in) water *Now playing Kanye West’s Jesus walks.* There are two small islands that are so close to each other, you can literally walk to & fro them, when the tide is low. Well, the tide was low and I did it. At a point, the water got to my waist level and I was like, shey I will not turn back like this but I held onto Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith and made it to the next island. It made me realize how Peter felt. Imagine walking on water on a cold windy night at sea. Not cool at all!

This is where walking on (in) water took place.

After walking on water, we moved on to the Tortoise enclave, where we saw some of the oldest Tortoises on the island. We saw a 60-year old Tortoise and another one that was 40-years old. We also got to feed the tortoises and pat their hard shells.

Sho mo age mi?

It was time for lunch and I had a mix of some very nice East African flavoured chops. Evening descended and it was time to return back to Mahe Island. In the spirit of doing new things, I asked the boat captain if I could steer the boat a bit. He gladly obliged. I became the new captain of the boat and sailed it smoothly till it was time to dock. At this point, I gently handed the boat back to the original captain, before I crash the boat into the docking platform. It was a wonderful marine life exhibition and definitely, one of my sweetest moments in Seychelles.

Captain Journeyman

Orevwar Seychelles

Whew! 6 days had flown bye in a breeze. Time really flies when you are having fun. It was time to say orevwar (goodbye) to Paradise, till we see again. I know Seychelles will be seeing me again, because I have to explore the other Islands. Yup, these experiences were just on Mahe Island. Imagine the goodness on the other major islands (Praslin & La Digue). Seychelles was a beautiful experience in Paradise.

Beautiful sunset, as i bade Paradise goodbye.

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