Meet the Journeyman

Hello once again, my official birth names are Emmanuel Ileiza Musa. This adventurous Journeyman was born in a quiet hospital (my loud cries definitely made the hospital noisy) in the rocky city of Jos, Plateau State.

From a young age (probably 7), I have always been very adventurous. I remember vividly exploring little hills with my friends and the excitement we felt from standing at the top, shouting our names and hearing it echo on & on. Figuratively, it was our way of announcing ourselves to the world. I have tried a lot of stuff in my short time so far on earth e.g. jumping into a dam when I had no idea how to swim (how I came out alive is a story for another day). For the records, I was in junior secondary school when I attempted this and you can blame it on adrenaline.

Today, that passion for exploration still remains and it has found expression through travel, hiking, snorkeling, sky-diving, and a whole lot of other adrenaline pumping experiences.

This site is a collection of all of those experiences so far and some I wish to experience in the near future so stay with me as we go through this journey. Welcome to the Journeyman side of life. You will love it here!

Shere Hills Nigeria
At the top of the famous Shere Hills in Jos.

Fun Facts

Here is probably a collection of things you didn’t know about me:

  1. I work a regular 9-5 job as a Senior Data Analyst for a cool FinTech which has also aided my travel passion.
  2. My favourite football club in the whole wide world is Manchester United! #GGMU
  3. I love working out at the gym. It fuels my adventurous spirit. #TeamFitFam
  4. I have an amazing memory. Think Mike Ross in Suits.
  5. I love music…alot! Learnt how to play the drums & keyboard when I was a teenager and I recently took a liking to the guitar so you will always find me playing my imaginary keyboard & guitar.
  6. I like to play.
  7. I love exploring…Lol…That is obvious right!

Rock with me