The Travel Enthusiast: 3 tips to enjoying great travel all over the world

Travelling with a green passport comes with a myriad of challenges but thankfully it is getting better as more countries offer visas on arrival or short stay visas depending on previously acquired visa(s). While participating in Northwestern Unviersity’s Social Media Marketing MOOC, I have found 2 blogs highlighting how to navigate travel with your green passport.

Travelling all over the world is a great experience and Kemi shares in her blog how a strong desire to see the world made her kick start the Project 30 by 30 which was a mission to travel to 30 different countries before she turned 30 which she amazingly achieved 16 months before her 30th birthday. One thing she found extremely help was the use of technology on her trips with apps like Yelp and Been providing useful insights to the countries/cities she was visiting.

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Amarachi is another person who shares a strong travelling passion and has been to 13 countries on 5 different planets. Her blog at is a collection of fantastic adventures and experiences. One of her best advices is just to get up & go for that adventure because there will never be a perfect time to do it and this is reflected in some of her solo backpacking trips.

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Based on the 2 tips from these 2 blogs and my studies on the Social Media MOOC, here are 3 action items I recommend you consider:

  1. Know your location: It is so important you know the country/city you are visiting by leaving nothing to chance. Read up as much as you can on the area & locals (maps also are helpful).
  2. Sort out your visas: Due to strict immigration laws, visas are an essential part of travel and they are the first step to ensuring you have a great trip. Getting it sorted as soon as you can will ensure you enjoy your trip.
  3. Have an amazing experience: Now you are where you have always wanted to be, go ahead & rock the life out of it. Remember, you have always wanted to do it so have fun!

Travelling and adventure will always be a part of human life so instead of seeing the world from just your country’s view, why not grab your passport, pack a bag & jaunt to that dream place you have always thought about visiting.

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Emmanuel Musa is a travel blogger who writes about his travel experiences at He has a strong desire to leave his footprints on at least 5 countries in each of the 6 continents…and Antarctica too (It intrigues me). His interests include extreme sports & adventure. Connect with him on Twitter/Instagram: @sir_mustee

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