Warri…Warri do(h)

Hello fam, it is a beautiful February (the month of love) and I was privileged to witness the first rainfall this year…oh not in Abuja…It happened in Warri…lol…Yes I was in Warri over the weekend and that officially made Delta the first south-south state I have visited in Nigeria. Out of the 14 states I have lived in or visited, most are in the North and I have been to the almost all the eastern states save for Ebonyi so I was really glad to do Delta. The occasion was a friend’s wedding and it provided the perfect opportunity to journey down south.The journey by road was pretty smooth. If we seriously had better roads, road trips would be more of a delight.

Food stop at Lokoja…#SuyaForTheMenDem

My first introduction to Delta was at Sapele and it was an introduction to a highly nutritious snack known as Edible (In wizkid’s voice, I can’t explain it)…lol…You have to taste it for yourself. No Pictures! My general impression of Warri was a good one after all it is a place noted for breeding some of Nigeria’s foremost comedians. One startling thing I noticed is that almost everyone has a “celebrity” appearance from the guards at eateries, dudes were spotting well plaited hair or fancy haircuts. My friend and I stayed at a decent hotel on refinery road which we booked via Hotels.ng. Pretty okay for the amount we paid (hehehe…budget accommodation).
On the first night, we headed out to get some food and we were amazed at how cheap food was. We got a large roasted catfish for 1,500 and we were even negotiating with the woman. This is fish that would normally sell for 3,000 upwards in Abuja and boy was the fish sweet. Well roasted stuff…we had tears in our eyes at the end no thanks to the savoury pepper sauce. We got fruits at an incredible price (large carrots for 100bucks). The large fish combined with bread and drinks resulted in a knockout night which saw us wake up late.

Weddings are a beautiful thing and there was a lot of culture on display at the wedding from fabulous asoebis to “signal receiving” geles. The wedding ceremony took about 4 hours (whew) and then we jaaéd from the place to go watch football. Another decent meal of bread, fried eggs & drinks courtesy of the aboki across the road quickly followed and then snooze time.

Wedding bants…

Sunday was departure day and the transport line we had made arrangements with delayed us by an hour because they didn’t reserve a vehicle for us (smh). It turned out to be a blessing as our reservation was changed to a coaster bus (which was more comfortable then the Sienna we used on our way to Warri) and we arrived safely back in Abuja by 5pm ish after a trip filled with bants and interesting gist.

If you got to the end of this post, congratulations! You are the real MVP. Peace fam!

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